Schedule your call with Kay to go over session details and learn about all the fun you're about to have! Kay will answer all your questions and help you book if you haven't already done so online.

a call...


Meet with Kay at the studio and see all the sets, and product options! Discuss prepayment perks and set up a timeline for your session experience. Also take advantage of a mini confidence coaching session!

your in-person


Meet with our expert stylist, Gina, at the studio and try on wardrobe to match the sets you decide to shoot on! Gina has a natural eye and can help you match shoes and accessories as well as properly fit your lingerie.

your wardrobe


Your full day session experience starts with hair and makeup and includes a bottle of wine and lunch as well as professional posing guidance, use of 3 outfits and sets, and our staff catering to you hand and foot!

your full day
photo session...


Come view yourself in a way you never imagined! 2 weeks after your session, your fully retouched images will be ready for your in person ordering appointment. Prepare to be jaw-dropped as you admire yourself!

your viewing
and ordering...


Your last trip to the studio is to pick up all of the one-of-a-kind custom art pieces we designed together at your viewing! You'll be amazed at how much better you look in print! These incredible pieces last a lifetime!

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pick up...


Are you ready to have the experience of a lifetime and change your relationship with yourself??? Let's chat!!!

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Our products are the most luxurious in the world. Average client investment is between $3000-6000 with albums, art pieces, and digitals included.

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A Transformative, Luxury Boudoir Experience

💎💎 WANTED: WOMEN AGED 30-55 💎💎
We are starting a movement, designed to build confidence in women of all ages, and we are offering 10 women the chance to treat themselves to our exclusive 'This Is Me' transformative, luxury boudoir experience.

For participating you will receive a complimentary in person-consultation where you select 2 outfits to wear at your fully guided boudoir session in our luxury East Greenwich studio.

At your session, you'll have a full day of pampering inclusive of hair and makeup, a bottle of wine, & lunch, PLUS you'll get a $500 gift card to go shopping for your album & products.

Your session will take place before December 2021. ❤
If you're interested in transforming the vision you have of yourself, apply to see if we are a good fit!

Remember there's only 10 of these experiences available right now, and on your application, you will want to be as detailed as possible about why you are a good fit.

We can't wait to help you transform the way you see yourself! Check the requirements below and apply on the next step!


This. Is. Me.

• At least 18 years old.
• A member of our Facebook group 
• Available on a Sunday, Monday or Friday from 11-5
• Start payments towards a collection of your choosing
• Sign model a release to use your images in our This Is Me promotional materials

The 10 women chosen will receive the following:
• 2021-2022 Boudoir Session Planning Magazine
• Phone Consultation with our studio manager, Jess
• In Person Consultation with our photographer, Kay
• Wardrobe styling with Kay & 2 custom lingerie outfits
• Professional hair and makeup by 1 of our talented artists
• A bottle of your favorite wine & lunch on your session day
• A printed magazine with images of all this is me participants
• An in person ordering appointment to view &select images
• A $500 gift card towards a collection (collections are $2,500 to $10,000 and we offer 12 month payment plans)

*** A $150 non-refundable hair & makeup fee is required to hold your session date & insures your attendance at your session, plus provides you with all the perks outlined above ($500 gift card, free magazine, etc.). Please be prepared to pay this fee at your phone consultation with Jess.


This. Is. Me.

This. Is. Me.

What's Your

Lingerie is such a personal decision, and it can be overwhelming to make that decision, especially when you'll be wearing that lingerie for a boudoir session! You want to choose right, based on your personality and your body type. The list of styles is long and sometimes confusing. Before I became a boudoir photographer, I could barely tell the difference between a slip and a chemise. There are also bustiers, teddies, babydolls, corsets, and garters, just to name a few! This 5 minute quiz will help you learn what your lingerie style is, so you can go into your session confident in what you're wearing.

Take the quiz

What's Your

Lingerie is such a personal decision, and it can be overwhelming to make that decision, especially when you'll be wearing that lingerie for a boudoir session! You want to choose right, based on your personality and your body type. The list of styles is long and sometimes confusing. Before I became a boudoir photographer, I could barely tell the difference between a slip and a chemise. There are also bustiers, teddies, babydolls, corsets, and garters, just to name a few! This 5 minute quiz will help you learn what your lingerie style is, so you can go into your session confident in what you're wearing.

Take the quiz

See what our clients have to say about the experience!


See below for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions! If you have more questions, schedule a phone consult with Kay.

First off, what is boudoir?

Boudoir is an art form that celebrates the female body. It helps women to see their beauty through the eyes of a professional. Boudoir is for EVERY BODY no matter their shape, size, skin color, ability or disability. Boudoir has helped millions of women to find their beauty! You might be nervous, and that is totally normal, but at Studio XO we take the experience a step further, and we use our knowledge and expertise in psychology to develop a case plan for building confidence from within so that you show up to your session confident and strong! You have a dedicated confidence coach to guide you through the experience and hype you up along the way! You also have access to our team for anything you may need leading up to the session, and extended coaching services are available to you for an added charge if you need them.


Our Premiere Session Experience includes: A 10-20 minute phone call to chat details and confidence goals. An in-person consultation with Kay, complete with a viewing of product samples, a tour of the studio, a planning magazine, and a mini confidence coaching session. Our Blush Fund, Beauty Bank, and Crystal Credits rewards program including product discounts, beauty services, and free offers based on participation and on time payments. A Wardrobe appointment with our Stylist and former Victoria's Secret fitting expert, Gina. 1-2 outfits selected by you and Gina to use for the session (options available for those who wish to wear new items rather than use our reusable wardrobe). A dedicated client coach, Jenn, to check in with you throughout the process and provide tools and resources to build confidence from within leading up to the session. A full day session experience from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm- includes the following: Hair and makeup by one of our incredibly talented artists. A bottle of wine and lunch served to you before the session. Professional posing guidance with demonstration and prompts to help you nail every pose. High end editing and retouching services included on every image we show you (60-80 images will be available for purchase in color or B&W). A private 2 hour ordering and design meeting 2 weeks after your session. Payment options for up to 12 months after the session. Confidence support between booking and final product delivery is included. You will have access to Kay and her team as much as you need for nerves, session planning, and payment arrangements. Additional coaching services are available at an added cost.

why so many steps?

Over the past 3 years and hundreds of clients, I have perfected this experience and my creative process. Each part of the session timeline and all of its steps are essential to bringing about the best results in the images and within yourself. Our experience is designed for long term results, which begins with a relationship with our team so that you feel comfortable and supported months prior to the emotional, raw, and transformational session. You will have worked with your coach on confidence building, prepared yourself for the mindset shift you are about to make, and gotten professionally fitted with outfits that feel like they were MADE for you. By the time your viewing appointment comes, you will have already changed and opened yourself up to a self-love you never knew existed. The images are your lifelong reminder of the strength it takes to decide that you are worth it, but we aim to change your entire body image and beliefs within you that have prevented you from embracing yourself until now. This is so much more than a boudoir session, this is a self-love revolution.

I want to book a session but I'm so nervous! Help?

Girl, I hear you! This is such a hard decision to make, but as soon as you make it, you will feel empowered, bold, strong… and that will already affect your confidence levels! Then we IMMEDIATELY dive into our confidence coaching with you, first on a phone call, then at your consultation, which we book ASAP after booking. You WILL NOT be alone in this. With my experience building confidence in hundreds of women, I know that the more nervous you are, the more amazed you are at the final product, and the more you are blown away with newfound confidence. Nerves are a good thing! It means this is something you care about. Excitement and fear are the exact same sensation, so which do you want to choose? I say, get excited and dive into this head first and change your life!

i'm ready to book my session. now What???

We are so excited that you’ve decided to take this huge step and honored that you have chosen us and trust in us! The next step would be to BOOK YOUR SESSION for 50% off and add on an optional prepayment (you earn $200 towards your purchase if you decide to prepay $500 now). If you have further questions before booking, click here to schedule a call with Kay and she can book you over the phone. We can’t wait to work with you!

We are so excited that you’ve decided to take this huge step and honored that you have chosen us and trust in us! The next step would be to BOOK YOUR SESSION for 50% off and add on an optional prepayment (you earn $200 towards your purchase if you decide to prepay $500 now). If you have further questions before booking, click here to schedule a call with Kay and she can book you over the phone. We can’t wait to work with you!

how far in advance should I book my session?

This question is tricky to answer, and is best answered on a phone call. There are a number of factors involved including: do you need a payment plan, if so for how long? Do you need this for a gift, if so when? Are you losing weight, do you have a goal you want to reach before your session? Which sets do you want to shoot on (some are only available in summer)? Are you going to freak out if you put it off? Do you have vacation time coming up (I recommend having days off surrounding the session to increase its magical effects)? Which prepayment perks do you want to earn? All of these answers could impact when I recommend you have your session. In general, you want to have your session and pay off all your products 2 months prior to when you want to receive them. Valentine’s day orders need to be paid off in December for example. If you need a payment plan, starting with a comfortable monthly payment is the best way to decide your session date.

how long is the session?

The session itself begins at 11:00 am and is usually over by 4:00 or 5:00 pm. It starts with your makeover, then we break for lunch, touch up lipstick and start shooting! We take our time shooting to ensure the pace is fun and relaxing and not rushed. We take a little break after shooting the first 2 sets and chat about how you’re feeling inside and out. Depending on your progress towards confidence, and whether I think showing you images from the back of the camera would be beneficial, I might show you some of my favorites during the break. After we finish shooting, we help you get ready to go and prepare for our ordering appointment from the client 2 weeks prior. Because we have the appointment coming in afterward, we cannot continue shooting past 5:00pm, so you’ll want to make sure you are fairly quick changing outfits and getting ready to move to the next poses.

do i have to know how to pose?

No! I am a posing queen, which means I can pose anyone and everyone and I have hundreds of poses I can show you. We even have cue cards to show you what it should look like, and I will get in your place and show you exactly what to do and give tips on how to nail each one! I’m an expert at this, so all you need to do is follow my lead and try your best to follow my directions. Sometimes I fumble my words or you don’t understand me, so I will just go over and adjust you myself to get the shot. We do about 10 poses on each set to get a great amount of variety. If a pose doesn’t do it for you, let me know and we will do an alternative. I never want to make you feel uncomfortable, so I need to know if your body is physically uncomfortable or if you do not feel good in a certain pose. I do not shoot poses that are extremely provocative and I do not shoot nudity, but I do encourage tons of booty shots. My clients who think they will hate the tushy shots ALWAYS love them the most!

Do I bring my own lingerie, or do you provide the outfits?

Your Premiere Session Experience includes shooting on 3 sets with 3 outfits. We have a HUGE client wardrobe in sizes XS to 6X and you are able to borrow up to 2 outfits from us for your session. About a month before the session, you will meet with our stylist, Gina, to decide what outfits, jewelry, and shoes to wear on each set. We recommend you bring in a handful of other pieces to this appointment to make up the other outfits we will shoot with on your session day. We find 1 month is the sweet spot for outfit planning because it gives us time to find additional pieces if you are a little harder to fit, and it allows you to order additional outfits if we aren’t loving the options you bring to the wardrobe appointment. This timeframe also ensures that you don’t change sizes between the appointment and the session date.

What about hair and makeup? Do I do it myself?

NOOOO! We have a ton of hair and makeup artists that we can use for our sessions. We trust in Amanda, Bella, Marisa, and more incredible artists that we have met throughout our years in business. One of them will be reserved for you as soon as you book, and they will be at your session, ready to pamper you! The hair and makeup is one of the best parts of the experience! You get to relax and enjoy the makeover, while enjoying a glass of wine or beverage of choice, and the nerves just melt away!

Can I bring a friend with me?

Yes! We actually encourage you to bring a friend to at least one of your appointments, You earn Crystal Credits for bringing a trusted girlfriend! Under no circumstances are children or significant others allowed at the session, and if your friend gets in the way during shooting or distracts from you being the center of attention, they will be asked to leave.

I have cellulite/ stretch marks/acne. Can you edit that out?

Of course! Our expert retoucher can do almost anything to adjust images, HOWEVER, we prefer to show you lighter retouched images and help you see your beauty through your perceived flaws. We do not alter you to a state where you aren’t recognizable, but retouching of all skin imperfections is included with your order to the level you request from us. This includes blemish removal, skin smoothing, sharpening of eyes, hair, etc., and shaping and contouring the body. Any requests to removal ‘all’ wrinkles or drop you down a size or 2 are considered, but will be at an added charge IF we decide to proceed with the extensive retouch. Sometimes a client requesting too much retouching is a sign of a deeper issue in body image, and providing the retouching service is more damaging to her than empowering. If you are one of those who believe you will want extensive retouching, I recommend to book out further and we can get you some confidence coaching services leading up to your session date.

are my images private? Can i request to keep them offline?

YES! You have full decision making power over if and how your images are shared. I work with a lot of women with jobs who need to keep images private. I also work with women who prefer the images stay between her and her partner. I do have many more women who love to share their images and get SO excited when they see themselves featured on my website or social media. Speaking of, almost everyone featured on my website is a woman who had NEVER done boudoir before working with us, so if your reason for asking for private images is because you’re afraid of how they will turn out, TRUST ME, you will be begging us to share yours by the time you’re done with your experience.

How much does it cost? Do you offer payment plans?

Most of our clients invest between $3000-6000, but we have options ranging from $2500-10,000. We offer very flexible payment arrangements leading up to the session and up to 12 months after the session, however no products or images are delivered until the order is paid in full. Clients usually do their best to prepay for our most popular collection in full, and add any upgrades on afterwards. Your prepayments and final order are NOT refundable for any reason. Our team works tirelessly to provide you with an incredible experience, so any payments received are earned once remitted. Prepayments are put onto a gift card for you to use towards your order at your viewing appointment and earn you tons of perks and rewards! We require prepayment of the minimum collection at least 1 month prior to your session date and we will figure out the payment amounts and dates at your consultation.

What is a viewing appointment?

The viewing appointment usually happens two weeks after your session. The viewing appointment is the most fun because we get to see your reaction to your gorgeous photos and custom design your products! You see all of your best photos and decide how many of them are going home with you and whether you will get an album, wall art or any of our other gorgeous products. Details you will decide on at the ordering appointment are which images you want, your album cover, album upgrades such as gilding, a crystal cover, adding on an album box, wall art images and styles (metal, framed, acrylic and special options for each), extras such as playing cards and coasters, Crystal Credit freebies, and so much more!

What products do you offer?

All of our products are 100% custom designed for you! They are the best products you can find anywhere in the world (we have curated a collection of only the best heirloom, and museum quality prints, wall art and albums). All of our collections include a certain number of images (decided at the viewing) an album, digitals, and a print credit towards awesome extras and wall art pieces. The most popular items are, albums, acrylic prints which we call Ice Crystals, 2 Image Folios, playing cards, coasters, and metal wall art pieces. We have products in everyone’s budget and offer payment plans that are flexible for everyone. Most ladies choose 25-50 images from their session and spend between $3000-6000

What are all the perks and rewards you mention?

We have 3 ways you can earn rewards! First is our Blush Fund prepayment program. You earn $$$ off your total investment as you make prepayments towards your products! The discounts increase with the larger payments you make! Many of our clients have saved hundreds off their order, just by prepaying!
The next perk is our Beauty Bank. You can earn services like a mani-pedi, hair cut and color, and more depending on your total prepaid amount calculated from 1 month before the session. You’re welcome ;)
Last is our Crystal Credits activities. We’ve put together a scavenger hunt around you checking off items like adding friends into our group, making all your payments on time, keeping all your scheduled appointments, and showing up with a fresh mani-pedi and hair dye/trim. They are all super easy to do and it makes my life easier when you follow along! Crystal credits earn you different levels of upgrades or add on products to be added to your order for FREE.

I’m not sure what I want to order yet. Can I decide when I see my photos?

Yes and no. While your final order details are not decided upon until the viewing appointment, you do need to prepay for the minimum collection prior to your session. You do not need to select any products until you have seen your images at your ordering appointment, but it is a good idea to know a general budget, and products that you love prior to that appointment. We show you our full range of high end product options at your in person consultation, so you will have a good idea of what you love by the time it comes for you to place your order. Because of all the work that goes into your experience leading up to your session, we require a minimum to be prepaid, and most clients prepay more in order to get to our most popular collection. Prepayments are essentially a gift card to be used towards your purchase. We KNOW you will love almost all of your images, and the more you prepay, the more images you are guaranteed. You can always upgrade at the viewing, and many of our clients do because it is just too hard to choose! The best part of prepayments is that when you come in to view images, you have already paid a large portion of your order (goodbye stress)!

What if I don’t want all the bells and whistles?

Then to be honest, we are probably not the studio for you. There are tons of photographers who shoot and burn, and don’t do consultations, confidence coaching, wardrobe appointments, hair and makeup, etc. I personally believe that not providing the time and space to get to know clients before the intimate experience of a boudoir session is a disservice. My clients WANT all the extra attention and amazing service I provide them. They need the support and guidance that we provide, and they are obsessed with the extremely luxurious products we offer. If those are things that you don’t see yourself valuing, and you just want the digitals and to show up on the session day ready to shoot, I recommend you find another photographer. Part of my creative process is getting to know (inside and out) the women who trust me enough to work with me. My clients are willing to follow my lead to get results when it comes to building the confidence they desire. If you don’t want all the extra services and attention, I do quarterly Debut Sessions Experiences that do not require as much of a time commitment. Look out for announcements in my group, The XO Vixens VIP Boudoir Lounge.

What if i'm not local?

We have had clients fly in to work with us before! In this instance, we do the consultation and coaching aspects of the experience through zoom, and then the client comes in early on the session day to finalize outfits. We then do the viewing appointment prior to the client leaving the area, with lighter editing than our traditional sessions. We will fully retouch them prior to ordering. Then products are shipped directly to our out of state clients rather than to the studio for quality inspection. We require our clients do an immediate inspection of products shipped to them, and provide a signature approving the products are perfect and without damage. We can make these accommodations for anyone further than 2 hours away from us.

your case manager for confidence

I'm a professional beauty finder, a posing queen, a lover of all things sparkly, and your new case manager for confidence! I will personally be right beside you as you go down this path of learning to love yourself in a way you never expected to. When we have completed this journey together, you will be able to confidently look yourself in the mirror and happily say "This Is ME."

- Photographer

your wardrobe superwoman

I am a teacher by day but stylish ALL the time. I believe women should wear lingerie to make themselves look and feel fabulous (it's not just for sexy-times). Trust me, a little black lace goes a long way to boost your confidence! So, put on that dress, wear your hair how you like it, and revel in the fact that you KNOW you look amazing.

- Stylist

your artist retoucher

I am an expert at perfecting an image without changing the subject. I want you to look and feel like yourself when you view your images, so I lightly adjust images to eliminate blemishes, smooth your skin, and highlight the features you love. I don't believe in changing your shape, aside from smoothing the lines of your natural curves. What you see in your images is all you, in combination with Kay's amazing posing and shooting!

- Editor

The brow whisperer

Your Experience Guide

I am a holistic counselor, here to help you build wellness from within. I'm like a Brassiere, I'm here to support you! I will help to empower you internally as you transform with your newfound confidence. Aside from checking in with you regularly, I will provide you with the tools you need to create a more confident you from the inside out. I will teach you how to be more compassionate with yourself and how to advocate for yourself.

- Client Coach

Now hiring

Now hiring

Ryan Lutrario

Jennifer Masseur

Amanda is our regular makeup artist! She keeps way too busy at her salon in Warwick where she specializes in permanent makeup services, but she makes time to make sure our clients get the best of the best in makeovers when she can fit us in! Clients can also earn Beauty Bank rewards towards services Amanda offers, such as Spray Tans, Lip Blushing, Eyebrow Microblading, Microneedling, and more!

Now Hiring

We are looking for a female assistant for sessions usually held on Sundays or Fridays between 11am and 5pm.

Session Assistant

- Makeup

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